Freelance Writer
Food Industry Professional

Spices. Elvis. Patsy Cline. Mix in a little dairy and add a tomato. That’s my career recipe.

As a contributing editor, I have written more than a hundred articles for Food Product Design magazine. Natural Products INSIDER and Global Food Forums are regular clientsEach month I write marketing-based articles for Innova Market Insights. Clients have included Cargill, Steviva Brands/Icon Foods and Olive Oil Times. I’ve contributed to scientific newsletters for Covance Laboratories. I’m always interested in talking about other assignments.New-Ethnic-Accets

In an R&D lab I’ve created seasonings for companies like Keebler and Frito Lay. For a time I specialized in MSNF formulations for a dairy company. I’m HACCP trained, PCQI certified, and I sat behind the desk during many a third-party audit. I was in the trenches when a salmonella outbreak nearly devastated the tomato industry, only to find out that jalapeno and serrano peppers were the source.  I was working with whey proteins before many people thought they were cool.

My degree is in biology with an emphasis on chemistry and microbiology. I had a journalism scholarship.

I’ve co-written two books on Elvis and one on Patsy Cline. My friends love to tell people I once owned Elvis Presley’s 1956 house on Aububon Drive (now part of Rhodes College).

I love to write – more often about food science and sometimes about music – but also about people and the things that bring spice to life.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss opportunities.


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